One-Stop Destination Meal Prep Delivery Service

Fit Kitchen Accommodates Your Special Dietary Requests

Weight loss simplified your way!

Fit Kitchen delivers chef-prepared meals every week…

FitKitchen believes that healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring, restrictive, or bland, nor should it cost a fortune. With a multitude of choices and add-on items, the meal combinations in our kitchen are never-ending. Our top-notch chefs pride themselves in picking out only the freshest ingredients to make you satisfying meals. We cook the meal the same day it is delivered to you to maintain our integrity and our responsibility. Meals are prepared in perfect proportion and boxed in a microwave-safe container to make heating up easy for you. We accommodate special requests in regards to diet restrictions too.

  • Easy menu customization

Choose the right amount of protein, favorite vegetables, and starches for your meals; our chefs will make you the correctly proportioned meal to heat, enjoy, and repeat.

  • No cook meal prep

Healthy meals prepared by experienced chefs arrive at your doorsteps. All you have to do is heat up and eat.

  • Customize with add – ons

You can customize your weekly subscriptions with add-on items, such as Nekter Skinny Lemonade or Scorpion Energy Drink, with your chosen meal.

  • Enthusiastic customer support

You can access our enthusiastic pre-service support just by calling us. We are always more than happy to help our health-conscious patrons.

FitKitchen focuses on your healthier and longer lives
Beyond the nutrient-dense, delicious, and fresh meals we deliver, we take pride in offering an exceptional experience; we ensure convenient meal personalization, optimal San Francisco healthy meal delivery service, and all are specific to the client’s needs. Your health is our only focus, thus we begin by hearing your needs thoroughly and carefully. You might have been asked to choose a plan earlier, and then adjust your needs into it. FitKitchen allows you to design your own plan that suits your health goals perfectly. Whether you are in search of extraordinary nutrition rich meals or a comprehensive standard meal plan, we have a full-fledged team dedicated to helping you meet your goals. With us, you’ll receive the most satisfactory support you have been wishing for and the close attention you have expected.

To stand apart, we practice –

  • Absolute meal personalization

We listen to your medical conditions, diet restrictions, and exercise regimen. Having discussed each detail, we tailor your meal plan. You can also share your feedback for each meal because we appreciate criticism. We want to make this experience run as smoothly as possible for you and ensure your complete satisfaction.

  • Fresh ingredients, never frozen

Enjoy delicious, fresh meals straight from our cookhouse to your doorsteps.

  • Meals of gourmet excellence

There are thousands of orders we receive, all deliberated and prepared by trained and certified chefs.

  • Statewide delivery

We deliver, service, and cater to California including Elk Grove, San Francisco, Citrus Height, Reno, Sacramento, and Roseville.

Our chefs

  • Nutrition educators
  • Board certified experienced wellness chefs
  • Trained culinary experts

We make a perfect choice for the busy ‘you’. Considering our San Francisco prepared meal delivery service will save you time, yet feed your body some delicious, nutritious, and protein-rich dishes. Why not leave it to the pros, instead of going grocery shopping and preparing your own meals? We’ll get you read-to-eat meals to your doorsteps just in time.