Why Would You Want To Choose Us As Your Ready-To-Eat Meal Delivery Service?

Ready to eat healthy meal prep delivery service

Cooking can be time-consuming. It starts playing in the back of your mind as your day at work comes close to an end. You leave for home with a general plan, but it becomes tormenting as you walk into the supermarket and cannot really decide between ‘what you had yesterday’ or ‘what do you want to eat tonight or tomorrow morning.’ When you have a sedentary lifestyle, cooking seems impossible after you lie-down exhausted. Well, your body and health do not work this way. You need food anyway, and you shouldn’t compromise on that. This is exactly where, we – a healthy meal prep delivery service – come to your rescue.

Healthy Meal Prep Service

It’s important that you nourish your body with whole and real foods. Freshly cooked meals with the right proportion of proteins and nutrition do not only contribute to good health but a happy mood. Cooking may sound easy, but life gets in the way of it and you immediately switch to either junk or canned foods. Either way, Fit Kitchen is here to help you. We combine the ease of prepared meal with a personal touch of farm fresh ingredients and passionate customer service.

Fit Kitchen believes that one must not have to choose between eating clean and living life to the fullest. Therefore, we came up with meal prep delivery service to get you restaurant quality, tailor-made meals straight to your doorsteps.

What is it that makes us stand apart?

While we were creating our plan for prepared meal service, we approached a few existing customers of ready-to-eat meals service and what we discovered served as an eye-opener. Not only were they disgruntled with the quality of the food, but also with the packaging and box it would come in. Thus, we made sure our service addresses all previous concerns head-on..

We offer a goal-driven menu

Our meals are customized to meet your individual dietary restrictions and needs. Unlike most meal prep delivery services, we not only allow you to customize the meals but also choose the required amount of protein, along with your favorite vegetables and starches. We specialize in Keto, Paleo, Vegan, balanced and so forth. We ask you about your tastes and prepare a tailored meal plan that only fits your needs. Besides, all of our meals are cooked just an hour before they are delivered to you every Tuesday to ensure freshness.

Our features and specialties

Custom meal plans:

Fit Kitchen caters to all dietary needs including, but certainly not limited to Dairy-free, gluten-free, pescatarian, vegan and vegetarian.

Premium and farm fresh ingredients:

Quality meals will always demand quality ingredients, therefore we only pick the finest to ensure taste and health combined.

Chef-motivated flavors:

You are entitled to having the best grade of food, and we take care of it. All of our meals are prepared by certified and extensively experienced chefs of the industry.

Individual packing:

Your vegetables, starches, and proteins require to be whole, fresh and flavorsome, and you don’t get to experience it when your food comes in the same box. Each of your items (ordered) comes in a different container, so they remain fresh for longer.

Above and beyond, our impeccable communication makes us a better choice over the best available in the current market. Fit Kitchen prides itself on offering personalized and quick customer service. Wish to crosscheck? Call us on 9163033256.