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There are now companies providing healthy meal prepared delivery services across California. From the restaurants down the corner to grocery delivery to prepared and packaged meal plan choices, all of these services are becoming prevalent these days in many households. However for elderly members of the family, prepared meal plan services might not be an ideal option. With precise health and safety necessities, even elderly members of the family can benefit from an involved slant to meal preparation assistance. At Fit Kitchen, we allow you to customize your meal over the phone and in collaboration with our chef.

What exactly is meal preparation?

Typically, meal preparation means having an experienced caregiver come to your house, go to the grocery stores and cook on demand. In a typical scenario, caregivers come to the house, work with the client to prepare a meal at home only.

While a prepared meal delivery service involves a chef (who’s already working in a restaurant) to custom-cook a meal for you and then delivers it to your doorsteps packaged. Now, what makes us a better option in the wealth of options is that “our chefs listen to your specific choice for a meal and make you exactly what your personal tastes require.”

Here’s how our meal preparation service stands out –

Our chefs take each of our clients’ needs into serious consideration:

● Custom-created meal plans: For elderly members of the family, our chefs can create a meal plan that they will like and want to eat while ensuring that the food is appropriate as per their dietary requirements.

● Shopping for groceries: Since our chefs are always aided, they do not run out of their grocery stocks as long as it is available to them. In case we are currently out of stock of what you’ve asked for, we can determine another option to serve you what you will eat and enjoy.

● Cooking from scratch: To cook for anyone is a challenging job, especially, when it’s a paid service, so the pressure of being ‘perfect’ is higher than usual. This is why Fit Kitchen starts preparing your meal only after hearing out your specific choice for the recipe.

Benefits of considering our prepared healthy meal delivery service:


The biggest benefit of prepared healthy meal delivery service is time. These services are designed to help those who either can’t cook or do not have time for it. Especially people with 9-to-5 jobs benefit most from these services.

Emotional health

The emotional and social aspects of food require to be taken into account too. Food has always worked to evoke emotions and memories since eating is more or less a communal activity. To cook and eat alone is isolating for everyone, let alone the senior members in the family. And, things just get better when you can have your meal prepared exactly the way you prefer by the professional and experienced Fit Kitchen chefs.

Fit Kitchen takes just a few minutes to determine what is best suited for your meals. Call us now at 916.500.4008.