You Get A Complete And Well-Portioned Meal Delivered To Your Doorsteps

But Is It Worth The Time And Money?

At Fit Kitchen, we have always obsessed over sourcing the finest quality ingredients so our chefs can cook nutrient-rich, all-natural meals and deliver them to your doorsteps ready to heat and eat. We ensure wholesome, great-tasting foods, which are further satisfying and healthy.

Certain animals only search and eat food once a week, and we could learn a lesson from them. Think about all the money and time you could have saved by not constantly battling to find recipes, wash utensils and cookware, buy groceries, chop your ingredients and cook. What if all you had to do was pick your favorite proteins, vegetables, and carbs/starches? You would be in complete nirvana, right?

The simple solution you’re looking for is the healthy meal prep Citrus Heights service . Cooking can be a grueling daily process, and no one wants to choose it over leisure and recreation unless it’s a passion. Fit Kitchen wishes to welcome you into the art of planning and preparing foods in advance. For example, Fit Kitchen prepares your meal just an hour before delivering them to your doorsteps. The meals come in a grab-&-go container. Upon receiving your food, all you have to do is re-heat for three minutes and dig in.

The beauty of Fit Kitchen Citrus Heights healthy meal prep service is that it adapts to fit one’s dietary plan, lifestyle, and tastes. Your plate certainly doesn’t have to look like the ones from Instagram or Pinterest – rather it is supposed to be worthy of your time, money, and more importantly expectations.

Here’s why you should choose us for your meal prep service:

A team of top-notch chefs is cooking for you

Each Fit Kitchen meal saves you a lot of time that you could now spend watching your favorite TV shows, spending time with your friends, or whatever activity you would rather be doing. Our chefs use the information you provide to create meals best suited for you. Therefore, delicious taste and healthy portioning are guaranteed because our chefs know your needs better.

Your food’s ready in 3 minutes

Your food is delivered in microwaveable containers. Upon receiving the order, you can directly put it in the microwave and eat after 3 minutes of heating.

Benefits of choosing a meal prep service over an ‘on the way fast food’ solution:

Removal of temptation

Meal prep services always make sure you have choices that fit perfectly for your dietary needs and restrictions. It helps to remove the additional temptation so you won’t peek into your pantry when you wake up in the middle of the night to snack on unhealthy food. When you open your fridge you won’t be disappointed to find that you haven’t bought groceries because your meals will be waiting for you to heat and eat at anytime.

Complete control

When you cook for yourself, you can’t really control your inner cravings and compromise on a healthy portioning of protein, vegetables, and carbs/starches. When a professional chef is cooking for you after learning your dietary needs and restrictions, he will never compromise on the healthy portioning and that will allow you to have total control over your intakes.


Meal prep saves a whole lot of time on your end. Whether you are ordering for the whole week or placing a new order every day, meal prep saves you time which you can spend doing what you like or being with friends or family. The food comes totally prepared, just to be re-heated and eaten.

Total money saver

You already know in advance how much money you will be spending a week on your meals. You spend what you eat, instead of wasting money on the groceries that go bad. This will also save you that extra money that you might have wasted on junk food because you did not have time to cook.

Fit Kitchen makes sure you have easy and quick access to its services. Therefore, whether you want to call and place an order or use our online planning option, everything is assured to be simplified.