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Fit Kitchen Meal Prep | California, Nevada, Arizona

A little background on Fit Kitchen

Mike: The CEO and founder of the company, Mike started the business in early 2016. After a few weeks in law school, he realized it was not for him. So he returned home and after a few more weeks of soul searching, he put his three greatest passions together: Fitness, Food, and serving his Community. Mike worked as a sous chef for a well-known caterer here in the Sacramento area and studied under him for a number of years while in college playing baseball. He enjoyed success on a culinary and collegiate sports level and graduated in 2014. Mike enjoys spending time with his family, his close friends, and has a huge heart for animals. He is also a competitive bodybuilder who competes in the middleweight and light heavyweight division of the NPC. Mike has been known to dabble in male modeling, which is how he met his now fiance Anita Timofeyev, who is also the co-owner and CBO (chief brand officer) of Fit Kitchen.

Anita: Anita started playing basketball in the third grade and, believe it or not, played point guard. That’s when she fell in love with sports. She then went on to play volleyball and run track. Anita’s mother wanted her to be homeschooled in her early teenage years and that’s when she got her first job working at a pizza joint. She comes from a family of 11 siblings, all first-generation Russian-Americans. Her parents immigrated from Russia and she grew up eating delicious homemade food. She didn’t realize how important eating healthy was until she got into lifting at the age of 16. She went on to do her first fitness competition at 18 and went on to do a few more afterward where she competed in the WBFF fitness category. Anita met Mike in January of 2018 and he introduced her to Fit Kitchen. The rest is history from there.

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